Cloud Computing

Awareness of cloud computing is growing as many businesses are becoming interested in flexibility and cost reduction. The cloud business model is a proven asset in any ROI outcome; whether a gradual or a full adoption is chosen by your company, we help you in the integration and the designing.

Our virtual machines are in our private cloud, wherein you can choose to manage your cloud server or fully outsource it.

It simplifies and centralizes the process of managing, monitoring and reporting on distributed file backups.

Global accessibility where users are able to share calendars and contacts with others within their network.

Management of your video conference platform making meetings easier to join by only a click of button. Training videos and other media can be played via video mobile conferencing through our cloud services.

Reduced on premise Operational Cost.

Managed Services

Managed Service is an excellent way of business outsourcing tailored specifically to your needs. With our experience and proven records, we are the best choice to assist you in achieving the maximum IT potential alongside your business goals.

Ensure that systems are timely scheduled for updates, upgrades and maintenance. Include monitoring performance and analyses of reports for prevention of potential failures.

Provision of Secure Hybrid environment through various methods, including control and management, and defining performance and policies.

Fully customized according to your company’s flexibility and scalability requirements, all the while protecting your proprietary information and data.

Using reliable tools to monitor, generate reports and analysis to have a comprehensive overview of your network and your infrastructure’s performance.

Our technical professionals have a high level of experience and competence in multi-technology and multi-platform services.

System Integration

System Integration

Picking the right system integrator can be critical. In a tight economy, businesses cannot afford to travel down a project path saddled with mistakes, delays, miscommunications, and cost overruns. Now in our highly connected business environment, your choice of a system integrator can cascade.

Hardware and software compatibility affects performance and usage of systems, and superior configuration skills-set are required for smooth implementation.

When adopting a modernised approach, legacy applications that are expensive to maintain can be moved to new infrastructure platforms or cloud.

Optimal bandwidth utilization with tight network security in mind.

We position the support engineers as important as the installation, with all having a high level of expertise and competence to support the scope of work honouring the project timeline.

Unified Communication

Unified communication has been Netability’s core business for more than 10 years, as we constantly evolve towards business globalisation. Every business has multiple channels of communication; our purpose is to enhance your collaboration experience thanks to our stronghold unified solutions aimed at integrating data, voice, and video.

Advanced technologies to support the traders’ functions with clarity, speed, reliability, real-time recording and secured communications. Integration of various trading platforms, network protocols with various types of communications seamlessly with effective cost.

It categorizes and prioritizes inbound calls, ensuring that they are detected and attended, channelling stipulated calls to the specific customer services personnel.
Video Conference Solutions

Users can have a single sign-on and a unified “dashboard” with multiple communication tools.

To reduce overlapping work and errors, spur innovation, speed development cycles and improve service levels. Netability helps you to build strategies that span locations, systems, devices and operating system platforms.

Netability Voice Recording Solutions ensure your calls are recorded at real time and data kept safe and backed-up.

Secure Business

IT Security

Netability wants your business to have a secure environment that is resilient to threats, and also provides business reliability to your clients and customers by keeping safe their data. We have a strategic mind-set and we are able to find out the latest emerging threats, technology shifts and working practices, interpret them and analyse how they will affect the organization.

In relation to data protection and leakage, Enterprise Vault is a good measure with content archiving, as well as enabling users to store, manage, and restructure your information across your business.

A system consisting of a security client software being installed on server that authenticates logins and devices. The software consists of antivirus, antispyware, firewall and also a host intrusion prevention system (HIPS), all aimed at protecting your business information when accessed via any remote devices.

In relation to identity management, it simplifies application access, automating username and password entry for authenticated users to access to applications and data.

Defines, identifies, and classifies the security vulnerabilities in your computer, network, or communications infrastructure by accessing your security.

Software to conform to the various integration standards and regulations, such as SOX, PCIDSS, FSA, ITIL, HIPAA and more for all your business needs.

Information is managed, distributed and stored appropriately for factual archiving and quick accessibility retrieval. This reduces time and increase effectiveness in looking for data.

As new threats are constantly discovered, new measures are found to stop them. At Netability, our team comprises of excellent security professionals who are able to give more prominence results within your business.

Data Storage

Modern data protection: it’s a balancing act. Our solutions helps you find the right balance of cost versus time based on data criticality. Make sure your data is available—when and where you need it. You can scale your data protection across applications, virtual infrastructures, and cloud architectures.

Datacenter infrastructure that integrate server and storage resources into an appliance.

Flash Disk solutions to get unsurpassed performance that meet your mission-critical business needs.

A hybrid cloud is the most flexible and cost-effective cloud computing model, combining what the internal IT department does best with the capabilities of external IT providers.

Software Defined Storage is an approach to data storage in which the storage software is decoupled from hardware and can run on industry standard hardware procured independently of the software.

Business Drivers