JUNE 11, 2023

Partnership Netability - Zero Networks


Netability is excited to announce its partnership with Zero Networks, a pioneer in network security solutions. Together, they aim to streamline network security for organizations worldwide. Modern networks can be complex, spanning multiple locations and environments. This partnership unifies network segmentation and remote access into one efficient platform, simplifying security without compromising effectiveness. By detaching security from hardware and location, this collaboration ensures consistent, easy-to-manage protection for users, regardless of their location or devices. "We're making network security simple and strong," said Fabio Curcio, CEO at Netability Cyber Security. "With Zero Networks, organizations can secure their networks effortlessly." This partnership represents a significant step in the evolution of network security, offering organizations a straightforward way to protect their networks and data. Both companies share a commitment to innovative cybersecurity solutions in today's digital age.

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