APRIL 12, 2024

Nagios - Latest VI version, a Game Changer


Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring Extensively monitor critical components, applications, and systems with our own add-ons and thousands of third-party add-ons for comprehensive coverage. Ensure optimal server performance for all your monitoring endeavors with the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine, which utilizes high-efficiency processes for scalability and effectiveness.

Visibility and Proactive Awareness Enhance user access to relevant information with a centralized view of IT networks, processes, and dashboards for quick access to monitoring data and third-party insights. Preempt infrastructure issues with automated trending and capacity planning graphs and proactive alerts sent via email, SMS text message, Slack, or Microsoft Teams for swift resolution by IT, stakeholders, and users.

Customizability and Extendable Architecture Give users and team members the flexibility to tailor layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis with a customizable GUI. Extend the functionality of XI to meet your needs with community add-ons as well as APIs for integrating with both in-house and third-party applications.

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